Troy Guenther

Troy Guenther

I started riding when I was four years old back in 2003! I came home after school to see a Peewee 50 in the back of dad’s car, and I rode it that afternoon. A year later I had my first race at Mike Hatchers on the Gold Coast which was a dirt track.

From there I raced that discipline and was able to win a couple Australian titles, but when I turned 10 my parents bought me a Metraki 70 to have a shot at road racing. After progressing through the junior ranks in Australia and being fortunate enough to win what were the 70cc and 80cc Australian Championships at the time, I decided to focus on road racing.

In 2012 we went over to New Zealand to compete in their national 125GP championship. We went back again in 2013 and with another year of experience under my belt I managed to win the New Zealand national title before heading to Japan to race a moto 3. I returned to Australian racing in 2015 and had a pretty solid rookie year on the 600 riding a Kawasaki, before switching to a Yamaha in 2016 where we claimed the Supersport title.

2017 was a very challenging year, debuting in the superbike class and unfortunately, I was unable to see the season out. After 3.5 years hiatus, I’ve returned to racing this year as the 2021 Motorcycle Sportsman of Queensland Club Pilot.

Throughout my years of road racing, my biggest accomplishment would hands down be, becoming the youngest rider to win the Australian 600 Supersport Championship in 2016 – really had to fight for that one both on and off the track, so it was pretty surreal being able to cross the line at Winton and claim the title.

I guess you can say I’ve ridden on a few different bikes and on different tracks and that I’d definitely have a favourite. Well, I’d have to say riding the Honda NSF 250 at Suzuka in Japan would be my favourite track and bike. The GP chassis on the bike provided so much grip, and the moto 3 engine was pretty powerful for the weight of the bike which made it a lot of fun to ride. When you couple this with a world class track like Suzuka which literally has everything from elevation to fast and slow turns, smooth ripple strips and even going through a tunnel, it provided a riding experience I will never forget.

Being the 2021 Motorcycle Sportsmen Club Pilot, I’ve definitely set some goals for now and for my future. My current PB on the Motorcycle Sportsmen R3 is a 1.25.1, I guess the next natural step is to go 24 but being the hungry racer that I am I think I can definitely get down to 23! After this year and finishing the season, I am wanting to find a way to stay involved with the sport that I love. Ideally with the capability to ride a bike, I’d love to help the younger riders to help them reach their riding goals.

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