Callum Barker

Callum Barker

Before I started road racing at 11 years old, I was into dirt bikes. My first time on a dirt bike was at the age of 4 on a peewee 50, as I got a little bit older my parents bought me a Kawasaki KX65 that was set up for flat track.

My stepdad was road racing from when I was young and at first, I thought it was boring watching, but one day out at Morgan Park in Warwick my stepdad and I seen a junior class that was about my age group, so we figured I’d give it a try and since that day I knew I wanted to focus on road racing.

The hardest thing to learn was the reverse shift for race pattern when changing gears. I had ridden for a few years on the dirt bikes with normal shift, the transition between dirt and road bikes took a couple of rides to figure it out but now it just comes naturally.

In my 12 years of racing my greatest achievements was to be selected for a wildcard opportunity into the World Moto 3 Championship at Phillip Island in 2013. It was an immense experience, meeting with DORNA and meeting some of the riders in the moto 3 paddock at the time that have now gone onto moto GP such as Jack Miller, Alex Marquez, Miguel Oliveira as well as the late Luis Salom coming and saying hello in our marquee and having a chat. That will always be my fondest memory.

I’ve had a few different bikes that I’ve had fun riding and good achievements with but by far the bike that I wish I could’ve kept forever and put it in the lounge for show would be my wildcard and 2014 Australian Championship winning moto3. I feel that bike and I bonded so well together, it was around the time when I started showing consistent fast pace wherever we went. The reason I got the moto 3 and I’ll never forget it, is when I was riding on the 125 and had the corner speed but not the punch out of the turns like the 4-strokes, I won it in a bet with my stepdad to do a lap time that was nearly 2 seconds faster than my current PB at the time but the determination was very high, so on the last lap of the last race I managed to reach that 2 seconds quicker.

The current bike I am racing is a Suzuki GSX_R1000, I managed to get a PB of 1.17.2 this year in the last round for 2021. Hopefully with a little more track time and set up, I will be able to get a bit faster. As there is only one round left of Southern Downs out at Morgan Park, my goal for 2022 would be to focus on the superbike, keep working on setting it up right so I can keep pressing forward and dropping lap times. However, I will of course be having fun and do my very best.
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